Instead of the regular QSA Audit we provide a continued and structured set of services integrated in a PCI-DSS Management Platform.


Engage your teams in  the compliance with an enabled PCI-DSS platform.

Manage your Roadmap to PCI-DSS compliance.

Manage your day-to-day activities and produce evidences at a glance.

Specialized Support

Our well-known and experienced team will guide you through the roadmap and help you to overcome potential constrains towards the process of PCI-DSS compliance.

Stay compliant

We can lead your company into PCI-DSS compliance.

Our service enables your company to monitor PCI-DSS compliance at all times.

Keep up to date with any changes either in your environment or with PCI-DSS.

PCI-DSS compliance is a continuous effort

With DSSManager your Company will have a complete overview of all the tasks to be safeguarded throughout time in order to maintain the PCI-DSS compliance and avoid surprises when the audit occurs. 

The challenge of Compliance

With the ever changing and fast pace of cybersecurity it is very difficult to keep track of all requirements and activities needed to achieve compliance. With DSSManager we enable a secure environment to manage all the challenges of compliance and cybersecurity, allowing the Company to work in a collaborative way over PCI-DSS requirements.

QSAs & Cybersecurity Experts always available

Integrity S.A. provides your Company with a highly skilled and expert team, with QSAs and Cybersecurity experts to help you through all your AOCs, ROCs, SAQs and all the challenges from cybersecurity and the PCI-DSS requirements. From policies to cryptographic controls our team is ready and knowledgeable to help your Company.

Benefits of DSSManager

Compliance Portal Access We provide a customised compliance Portal, in order to monitor compliance at any time
AOC Attestation of Compliance (AOC)
ROC Onsite security assessments and full report on PCI compliance
Training & Awareness Employee Education & Cybersecurity Awareness Training services
 SAQ Assistance Assistance with Self Assessment procedures & validation
Risk Assessment
Promote a risk based approach to PCI compliance
  Gap Assessment
Identify and prioritise actions and control implementations
Cyber Risk Assessment Reports
Generate and deliver a monthly report assessing your cybersecurity and PCI DSS compliance posture
Security Advisor Reviews
Regular compliance reviews with your team and one of our expert security advisors for continuous improvement
Compliance Updates & Changes 
Alerts on any updates or changes regarding PCI DSS, also the Portal will reflect the changes
Continuous Pentesting
Regular pentesting of all assets in scope
ASV Scan
For Organisations where a ASV scan is required - provided by a Third Party
Vulnerability Scan
Internal and external Vulnerability Scan (not ASV scan)
PCI Consulting & Operation Services
We provide a vast list of additional consulting & operation services to address all your company needs to maintain PCI compliance

And we are always adding new services to ease your day-to-day compliance effort. Please check this website for news!

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